Foul-Up presents the launch party for “Information City”, the new Beastie Respond album.


Since debuting with the EP “Syncopy” back in 2011, Beastie Respond has re-invented his sound with every release, moving from the moody drum'n'bass of his debut into more colourful realms. On his new album, "Information City”, Beastie Respond presents a stylistically unchained work, drawing on a wide array of sounds while thematically reflecting upon an increasingly digitized society with endlessly expanding data pools and digital realities.
Beastie Respond is mainly known for his releases on Teal Recordings and appearances on Circle Vision, dBridge's Exit Records and Loxy’s Cylon Recordings.
Expect an hyperactive melting pot of sounds and unreleased productions in Beastie Respond’s ever-eclectic DJ sets!



Releases on labels such as Foul-Up, Last Known Trajectory, Lower Parts and (solo plus in collaboration with DJ Stingray) on Shipwrec are both distinctive, remarkably vital and have further cemented his reputation for pushing boundaries in unexpected and exciting new directions. A provocative visual style, political and philosophical attitude further submerge the listener in Galaxian’s visions and ideas. Kitted out in trademark helmet and mask, as if to foresee a collapse of the current social fabric, his live shows are dripping with raw energy and atmosphere generating an immersive experience which commands attention.
Late 2017 promises a new EP on Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder.



From Berlin via Tunis, Cera Khin has quickly made a name for herself as a Selectress & DJ that can find the finest thread between disparate sounds, connecting the dots between Modern club & Experimental music as well as Musique Concrète, Dub & Dancehall styles in an effortless way.
Bored of mindless club-attitude, Cera is not afraid to take her spirited approach to the dancefloor, and she has been invited to play at Berlin’s finest parties as well as respected international events such as Bristol’s Young Echo Sound and Milan’s Macao venue, to name a few. She also transmits her unique style and selection via her monthly residency on the airwaves of Bristol’s Noods Radio, as well as guest appearances on London’s NTS Radio & Rinse FM, Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio, The Hague’s Intergalactic FM and local stations Cashmere and Berlin Community Radio.



Danish-born and Berlin-based Misantrop is the founder of Foul-Up, having initiated the label with his debut EP “Limerence” in late 2016. Misantrop’s music aims to defy singularity, drawing from all over contemporary music and noise grounds - keeping listeners alert by placing them at the centre of his stylistic chaos and taking them on a unique exploration of a extensive sonic territory.